Our team consists of the best ladies from around the country with years of experience creating the best events you can find.  We are a group of stylists, designers, and planners with enough personality and flavor to satisfy your every craving!      Founder & Creative Director You can spot her…Walking her kids to the beach while holding a strong coffee, calling the dog who is off leash, talking on the phone to a girlfriend about the latest homeopathic remedy and dreaming up her next project. Multi tasking is her middle name. Here favorite remedy for a stressful day…A girls night with honest conversation and a million laughs, a fancy cocktail, sappy romantic comedies, day dreaming of vacations with the hubs, a sweet hug from her girls, a drenched workout and a good beating at the Thai spa. Born and raised in South Africa, Michele came to San Diego with a passion for people, life, and all of its celebrations! Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, she learned the importance of hard work and risk taking at a very young age. These intrinsic values contributed to Michele’s collegiate success, playing volleyball and studying Communications at the University of Missouri-KC. She then transferred her ever-present energy, zest for life, and creative eye into her enthusiasm for event design and coordination, making this dream job, a perfect fit. Her unwavering attention to detail, keen eye for composition, and logistical expertise ensure that each and every event looks like heaven and runs like a well-oiled machine. Michele, her husband, and daughters currently reside in Encinitas, California and live the dream each and every day.      Owner, Principle planner & Stylist You can find her…Loving every minute of life, ​riding her bike on the ​boardwalk,​ traveling every season​, ​practicing yoga ​on the beach, relaxing on a boat ​with some bubbly ​or out on the town ​with her amazing ​group of friends and her handsome man. She is an expert in…Making people smile and feel loved! She is tried and true to the core. One of the sweetest people you have ever met with a sincere (like always- I don’t know how she does it) love and affection for each and every person! A romantic to the core, Alicia feels lucky to have found her perfect career match with Before I Do Events. As a proud partner in the business and Lead Coordinator, she continues to revel in making the design and planning process relaxed, enjoyable and successful for all involved. Raised in Minnesota, Alicia's found appreciation for the San Diego sunshine and life's exciting adventures is apparent from the moment you meet her. Always inspired by her surroundings, she is quick to pick up on the little details that make each couple and celebration distinct. This ability to exist in the moment combined with an all-around enthusiasm for life, love and beauty makes her a joy to work with. She embodies a knack for what makes an event beautiful, memorable and just down right fun! And, as many a bride and groom can testify, she's been known to make a friend - or ten - in the process.      Event planner & Stylist You can find her…Hopping along with her three legged dog Carter and her mixy mutt Rowdy. Olivia, Carter and Rowdy are usually cruising around Encinitas with a foster dog in tow, getting coffee on 101 and enjoying all things “epic” San Diego has to offer. Olivia is a San Diego native and thinks the idea of moving anywhere else is completely nuts! A Dream Come True for her is…She’s currently living it - getting to live 15 minutes from her family, five minutes from the beach, all in her cozy home with her fiance and pups! Olivia is bright, bubbly and a whole lot of fun to work with. Her passion for the events industry stems from her mother's gene of being a party planner, host and DIY Martha Stewart kind of gal. Olivia was born and raised in San Diego where she attended Torrey Pines High School and later University of San Diego. She moved to New York where she developed a passion for the event industry and hustle and bustle of the city. Olivia knew the beach was calling her name and she is now beyond thrilled to combine the excitement of event coordination with the zen lifestyle of So Cal! Her favorite part of an event is implementing personal details and family traditions into each event she is apart of. Olivia has met her perfect career match with Before I Do events and most importantly she sincerely loves everything about it. If 5 year old Liv in her toilet paper wedding dress and collection of bride magazines could see her now!      Event planner & Stylist You can find her…On the playground with her adorable little twin girls at her side, strolling the local farmer’s market or at the library with an armful of books, giant - extra foamy - latte. When she’s not working on an event, Elena keeps busy with her little family reading endless children’s books, inventing fun arts and crafts projects, cooking and visiting with friends and family! Elena has a calming ease about her and when she's a part of your event you just know she has everything under control. Her strong organizational skills and keen attention to detail is like no other. She prides herself on being an extreme communicator and puts her all into every event she is involved with. After planning every last detail of her own wedding, she quickly realized that a career in event planning was the perfect fit for her. Elena moved to San Diego from northern California to pursue her BFA in Interior Design and wound up falling in love with and marrying her soul mate! She absolutely LOVES love - new and old. She still gets a little teary eyed at each and every ceremony she attends! Elena is the perfect blend of right and left-brain…exactly what it takes to be an amazing coordinator!         Event planner & Stylist You can find her...Popping out of a yoga class and heading straight to a cafe to enjoy a coffee and an oversized muffin. A huge Christmas elf, Sarah loves anything festive, even listening to Christmas music in May or drinking pumpkin spiced lattes in August. She unwinds and grounds herself by going on a beach walk or watching the sunset with a glass of wine and her hubby. Sarah is a San Diego local, born and raised in Encinitas with no desire to live anywhere else..that is maybe across the globe for a month or two. Although her heart lives in San Diego, she has always had traveling feet. Having already visited over to 50 countries, Sarah's life goal is to eat her way through every continent with her foodie husband. She is always dreaming up her next adventure: yoga retreat in Laos, road trip through Portugal, or hiking in Patagonia, who knows what's next? Sarah's love for weddings came at a very young age, maybe even inspired by her being a bride for Halloween when she was only four! She truly realized her passion and skill for planning weddings when she planned her own wedding to her high school sweetheart in her parents' backyard. Ever since when asked what her dream job would be, Sarah always responded "a wedding coordinator." Finding her home with Before I Do Events has allowed her to follow her passion of bringing family and friends together by creating personalized and gorgeous events.         assistant planner You can spot her…Breathing in the fresh cool breeze from Tourmaline Beach while sipping on her morning java and amusing her self with the local surfers. Absorbed in a world of creativity, you'll find Nichole soaking her hands in a rainbow of colors soon to be splashed on a canvas creating a one of a kind piece. She hates…The word hate, such a strong word! But loves…Helping people, visiting with family, spending the day at Disneyland, talking to her best friend across the state, eating a gallon of her favorite Rocky Road ice cream and vacationing in her favorite place Yosemite. Born in California, raised in Washington state, and now back in California as it was her first love she is currently living in San Diego. Nichole adores her family with all her heart. She loves spending time with her three adorable little nieces Chicka, Nuggie, and fries - they are her little happy meal. Throughout this internship Nichole has found a love and passion for the events industry. She loves the beauty of it all but she has surprisingly also discovered her love for logistics. She loves solving problems, getting it done, and accomplishing anything thrown her way. Needing to be in 12 places at once, the numerous time crunches throughout the day, Nichole's answer is always... BRING IT ON! She loves seeing the orchestration first hand and loves seeing all the beautiful events come together from start to finish. Nichole really enjoys spending her California days outside the office and away from the desk by attending fun meetings with all our clients as well as taking beautiful venue tours in the sun. She is a wonderful right hand woman and an assistant that can do it all.         assistant planner If Cassidy is not being eaten alive by her smile…You will see her surrounded by a million kids, chances are she’s making a “just because” gift for five different people at once. She is always thinking up new ways to brighten people’s day or do something active outside and go exploring - whether it’s conquering a new hike, buying her weekly flowers and avocados at the farmers market, or ordering a strong coffee at a new hidden cafe. She has some seriously charming…Teeth! The minute you see this girl smile it lights up the whole room! Born in Australia, raised in Northern California, currently living the dream in San Diego. Cassidy moved here for college and just finished at San Diego State University with her Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies. Although kids will always have her heart, she has found a special knack for event planning.  Since she was a little girl Cassidy has had a passion for making others peoples day brighter and she loves being able to do that with Before I Do Events. “It is such a privilege to be able to be a part of one of the most memorable and exciting days of a couples life. This internship is all about helping celebrate love and new adventures in people’s lives and there is nothing I enjoy more than that”!